This evening I came across a story on Instagram where I noticed a famous leader feeding his pet. Guess what that pet was- a peacock. It made me contemplating that people like different animals. I shared that story with a few of my friends. I was left gobsmacked when I heard from one of my friends that he wished to own a tiger as a pet. I was laughing initially , but the guy got a great love for big cats.

Humans have intriguing desires. Having cats, dogs, horses, and love birds as pets is pretty standard. But seeing peacock…

People might ask you often what you want to be or what your ultimate goal is. Some might say to live peacefully, or others might mean to be famous all over the world. And some like me might count all of the things and also want to be rich. But once, when I was asked why I wanted to be rich. I did not think for long on it, and also I am not being generous or magnanimous. My answer was pretty simple and kind of sweet too. I have faced money struggle, and whenever I do it, I don’t…

Trust me; things do not happen overnight. A few years ago, I always believed in spontaneity and expected results in no time, but what happened eventually no result. For example, you decided to do exercises and lose weight; there is no way on earth that you can have six-packs in a week. It is a hardship of tenacity. As it is rightly said, the snail reached the ark by her perseverance.

Another thing is how to maintain it. The best way to keep yourself motivated for any task is to keep track of it, measure it, and reward yourself on…

India got freedom from British people on 15th August 1947. Today we Indians are celebrating 74 years of independence. What a remarkable day! But are we truly free? Don’t worry; I am not going to bring any political aspect here. When I think of my freedom, I guess I am not unfettered. I try not to be, but I am a captive of my mobile phone.

A mobile phone can ruin one’s concentration, and it can be a hell lot of distracting. You might want to get rid of it. But I think it is not so easy. The phone is an exalted invention. It keeps you closer to your family and friends. But over usage of it can make you a vassal. Therefore think before becoming a slave and try to be free from your unwanted master.

Once in my childhood, I read, “true critics are true friends.” Does that make sense? Often criticism is offensive. Sarcasm is considered as disparaging or even belittling others. Then on what way on earth can critics be our friends?

Here is a thing friends are not only meant for positive thoughts. They can also provide you constructive feedback. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. But if you are a true friend, then you make sure that you help your friend understand things with bitterness. To relish the taste of the sweetness of candy, first taste a little bit of sourness, then have the real enjoyments.

Last year I attended a meeting where the speaker delivered a speech on how to write better speeches. The speaker told us many aspects like the beginning of a statement, body, and conclusion. Everything plays a significant contribution. At the end of the address, there was a Q and A session. Many people asked terrific questions, and I asked a straightforward question. And the query was how to decide the title of a topic. …

We meet different people at different stages of life; some of them become our close friends, and some just remain acquainted. But we never forget to talk about our friends. At least I never do.

To all the people, if I talk about my friends, I proudly speak about them. Do you remember penning an essay on your favorite friend? If yes, then rightly collected. I do talk about all the qualities of my friends. Of course, the future is uncertain; we don’t know who would be our friend tomorrow. By embracing the present and my present friends, I never overlook to be gratified of them. I learn and get motivation from them and thus proud of them. Are you?

When I was part of IBM, I worked for a client that used to have major releases every quarter and, following every successful release with one team-outing. I commemorate the year 2014, we all planned to visit a famous resort in Bangalore. We reached the place around 10 am and began enjoying the indoor games. We went cycling, and about 1 pm, we headed towards the grand smorgasbord. The significant retreat had bookings of some other teams from different companies too. Thus the dining hall was crowded. I was busy enjoying cycling before lunch. Therefore the time I reached to…

A few days ago, when I was conversing with a friend of mine, she gave me an excellent idea. She told me that she got herself indulged in a new hobby during this time at home, which is Gardening. She virtually walked me through her garden. She showed me a few vases of grown seedlings of mustard, spinach, mint, and many other varieties. I really relished the walk and also planned to have my small garden.

The same evening I accumulated all the plastics boxes which I had kept aside to throw away. I ordered soil and a packet of…

Poonam Saini


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