Growing up

Poonam Saini
1 min readMar 4, 2024


Growing up is a subtle art,

A journey where time plays its part.

You age, oh yes, like vintage wine,

Yet, it’s more than wrinkles, more than a sign.

Friends, once close, may slip away,

Birthdays forgotten, a subtle dismay.

But you shrug it off, let it pass,

For time moves on, leaving footprints in the grass.

A friend seems moody, a changing tide,

You hold your words, let it slide.

Understanding whispers, patience in tow,

For there’s little to fix, little to sow.

Marriage bells chime, babies on the way,

Joy for them, a tinge of blue for your day.

Yet you smile, let the emotions flow,

Accepting life’s rhythm, its ebb, its glow.

Conversations fade, like the setting sun,

People find your aura, no longer fun.

You release the grip, loosen the tie,

Letting go gracefully, as the years fly by.

Growing up, a dance of highs and lows,

In the heart’s ballet, life’s melody glows.

Letting go becomes an art, a soothing song,

As the symphony of time plays, lifelong.