Why do you want to be rich?

People might ask you often what you want to be or what your ultimate goal is. Some might say to live peacefully, or others might mean to be famous all over the world. And some like me might count all of the things and also want to be rich. But once, when I was asked why I wanted to be rich. I did not think for long on it, and also I am not being generous or magnanimous. My answer was pretty simple and kind of sweet too. I have faced money struggle, and whenever I do it, I don’t trouble my family for it. I always bother my friends. Some of them never refuse to help. I want to be like them, but I want to have enough money so that when I lend money to anyone, I don’t seek it to be returned. I just want to forget that I ever gave money to anyone. That’s why I want to be rich enough. Why do you want to be rich?


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