Last year I attended a meeting where the speaker delivered a speech on how to write better speeches. The speaker told us many aspects like the beginning of a statement, body, and conclusion. Everything plays a significant contribution. At the end of the address, there was a Q and A session. Many people asked terrific questions, and I asked a straightforward question. And the query was how to decide the title of a topic. The speaker elucidated it depends on the writer; some people like to write the title at the beginning of the speech itself and some change and adapt it as per the story, but he himself prefers to commence any speech with the title on the first hand.

I usually think a lot before writing the title because it should catch the audience’s attention and also serve the purpose of the story. I am not apt yet, but I am following the learning gained from the meeting, as mentioned earlier, and from everyday articles. Next, when you write a script or speech or even office mail, think of it aptly and suggest some ideas to me too.


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