Those small small notes

When I was in 9th grade, I found textbooks captivating. The reason was those small small notes in the middle of the chapter or towards the end. I liked them a lot, and I used to picture myself to be there in my future. Did you imagine that too?

Nevertheless, I had found an exciting hobby then because of those boxes which had facts about discoveries. I had started collecting articles about famous scientists from the weekly newspapers. I gathered almost 50–70 of them. I still have them at my parental home. But it’s been long that I’ve seen them.

Today while I was reading a science textbook, and I came across those footnotes again. Those reminisced my childhood moments. And I decided to relive my childhood hobby again. Do you also want to relive some past childhood years? If yes, then start with that almost forgotten hobby right away. Trust me; you will welcome exuberance.


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