Start a conversation : 1

When I was part of IBM, I worked for a client that used to have major releases every quarter and, following every successful release with one team-outing. I commemorate the year 2014, we all planned to visit a famous resort in Bangalore. We reached the place around 10 am and began enjoying the indoor games. We went cycling, and about 1 pm, we headed towards the grand smorgasbord. The significant retreat had bookings of some other teams from different companies too. Thus the dining hall was crowded. I was busy enjoying cycling before lunch. Therefore the time I reached to grab my lunch, I could not find a place to sit in the dining hall. I requested an older person who was eating alone If I could join him. He pleasantly agreed. I initiated the conversation by asking his name and who he had come with. When he told me his name and also that he owned the resort, I could not believe first. I was astonished plus happy that I was eating my lunch with Mr. Mirza Galib. He also appreciated my gestures.

Sometimes commencing a small conversation can fill us with joy. Try it.


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