Poonam Saini
1 min readJun 4, 2020

Often we beat ourselves hard for not doing things on time, but what about when you finish a difficult task on time? Do you appreciate yourself?

You must be thinking if it is really needed. Believe it or not, my friend, self-appreciation, is quintessential. Some do arduous workouts; they make one day cheat day for their food habit, and treat themselves with their favorite dish such as red velvet. Same goes with your words; whenever you finish a task, no matter if it was big or small, just pat on your back and acknowledge yourself. It is food for your work and your activities.

Self-appreciation makes you independent from the one that you seek from others. When you receive a pat from yourself, your alacrity and willingness increase for any work you do. So why don’t you take time and appreciate yourself?