A few days ago, when I was conversing with a friend of mine, she gave me an excellent idea. She told me that she got herself indulged in a new hobby during this time at home, which is Gardening. She virtually walked me through her garden. She showed me a few vases of grown seedlings of mustard, spinach, mint, and many other varieties. I really relished the walk and also planned to have my small garden.

The same evening I accumulated all the plastics boxes which I had kept aside to throw away. I ordered soil and a packet of flowers’ seed and received them a few days later. I sowed those flowers’ seed as well as some grain of mustard from my kitchen. I did not have to worry about watering my plastic vases as it’s been raining in Bangalore. Today when I went to see them on the terrace, my eyes glistened with joy. I found some of the seeds germinated. I am thankful to my friend, who gave me this idea. Also, this is a small way of inducing happiness. Start something which makes you happy. Perhaps it can be Gardening.


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