Is friendship really fragile?
I have always considered it fragile.
We, humans, are foolish.
Sometimes we fight, sometimes we cheer.
Sometimes we praise, sometimes we envy.
But in the end, all that matters is human kindness, forgiveness, and love for each other in the friendship.
Yes, indeed, friendship is fragile, but you can always make it strong with your understanding.
It is absolutely fine to fight with your friend, but what matters is that you are capable enough to resolve that issue.
If a person has been your friend, then you can always sit and talk like an adult. If there are conflicts, find the issue, apologize for the misunderstanding, and learn to forgive. There is no ego in friendship. Friendship is wonderful.
It keeps you healthy and happy. Keep you alive. Don’t be mad with your old friends; take time to talk to them. You might find that the same person might have been thinking about you and wanting to speak to you. So why don’t you kick a start?