Double-check the wrapper

Until the year 2012, I never bothered to check for the ingredients mentioned on the chocolate wrapper. Truth to be told, I did not even buy many chocolates too. Nevertheless, that’s not my point.

The year 2013, I hit the gym for the first time, and that moment onwards, I started paying attention to what I needed as part of nourishment. I became wary about what I was buying and consuming. I recognized the importance of a wrapper. Since then, whenever I go to a grocery store or supermarket, I always read the ingredients mentioned on them. No doubt, wrappers have their own significance. In fact, if you read the information given on a wrapper as carefully as you read a message from your favorite celebrity crush, trust me, you will help yourself from gaining fat. Therefore next time, whenever you buy your favorite food item, double-check the cover, and make a wise choice.


Student @ Ulm University

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