60 Days and more

Lockdown first commenced in India on 24th March. Everything was closed. To abide by the rules, I stopped running outside. It was only a day passed and being a running enthusiast, I started missing it already. I needed to do something to surmount this. I decided to do online workout with my friends.

I created a skype channel and shared it with people who showed interest in it. 25th March, Wednesday, five of us connected and kicked off with our a little 15 minutes of online workout. Gradually we increased the timing and a lot of variations in exercises. With time some of my friends gave up and some still join it irregularly. However, there is no hard and fast rule to do it everyday. Do it whenever you find it suitable. It gives immense contentment when you find yourself disciplined. I started with a baby step and today I did it with some of my friends for 60th time in continuity.

I plan to do it regularly as much as possible and keep myself consistent.


Student @ Ulm University

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